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Frequently Asked Questions on COVID-19 Vaccination

Covid has devastated the lives of millions of people across the globe. Everybody is looking for ways to stay safe from this virus but anyone can get infected. According to the research, each infected person can spread it to 2 and 2.5 persons. Due to these shocking numbers in January 2020, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak of a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. 

In March 2020, it was declared as a global pandemic due to which social distancing norms got strict. More than 100 million cases have been reported till January 28 with more than 2.17 million deaths due to pandemic.

When the whole world was waiting for COVID-19 Treatment, finally in November 2020 Pfizer and Moderna announced the successful completion of the vaccine trial and found out it is 94-95% effective against covid 19. Soon after the revelation of data both the vaccine gets emergency use authorization in the USA. 

Similarly, more types of CoronaVirus Vaccine can get emergency use authorisation after the revelation of safe data. But even after the safe data of vaccine trials, people around the world are concerned over the safety issues There are many sites with FAQ on Covid-19 Vaccine but people are getting confused everywhere. Therefore, we tried to answer the most important FAQ About COVID-19 Vaccination here after consulting with experts. 

  1. Who should not get the covid vaccine?

Most of the groups are eligible to take the vaccine except for few. Let’s look at people who should not get the vaccine

  • Anyone with a history of an immediate allergic reaction to the ingredients used in a vaccine. 
  • Those younger than 18 years of age. However, Pfizer vaccine is considered best for people above 16 years of age.
  • People who currently have covid-19 or isolating. They can get the vaccine once they tested negative or they are finished in isolation. 

Other people who should not get the vaccine are pregnant women, people on an anticoagulant, Breastfeeding women and people with certain immune-compromising conditions.

  1. Can a person get a second dose of different vaccines?

The CDC, WHO as well as all the respective health departments of major countries have advised not to take a second dose of different CoronaVirus Vaccine. This question is on top of the list of FAQ by patients asked worldwide. It is mandatory to get the second dose from the same vaccine. However, in the case of Pfizer and Moderna vaccine, one can get a second dose of vaccine from these two only after consulting with a reputed doctor. This is exceptional because both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are made on mRNA approach while others have different approaches for their respective vaccines. 

  1. Is it safe to get a covid-19 vaccine if a person is infected with covid-19?

All the major health departments recommend waiting until your symptoms fade away or you are no longer quarantined. That is because there is no official data on how a vaccine will affect the already infected person. However, if in case you are infected and you don’t show any symptoms, you can still get a vaccine as it is not going to harm the person as per the data and CDC stats.

  1. How long will vaccine immunity last?

Currently, scientists are confident that a vaccine can protect against the virus for around 90 days. However, there is no exact data available to confirm this assumption. The first vaccine was given in July 2020 and the vaccine was approved based on the data generated in December 2020. Therefore, the antibodies can last for months. Even some theories suggest that the antibodies can last for years. 

  1. If a person has the virus before, will he still need to get the vaccine?

It is recommended that everyone should get the vaccine, even if the person has recovered. The vaccine trials included the volunteers who previously had the virus and have been recovered. Therefore, the vaccine will be beneficial to improve immunity. 

  1. How long does a coronavirus vaccine take to produce antibodies?

All the vaccines, except for some, require two doses in approx 21-28 days. While people will develop antibodies after the first week from the first dose, protection will likely be about two weeks after the second dose. 

  1.  Can I take medicine for side effects after I get the vaccine?

Yes, you can take anti-fever or anti-inflammatory medicines if you are following the covid-19 vaccination protocols. But, it is worth noting that it may lead to less strong immunity against the virus. Therefore, you should only take medicine if you are feeling very ill. Generally, the symptoms such as fever and redness caused by the immune system responding.

  1. Do covid-19 vaccines contain a microchip?

No, the covid-19 vaccine does not contain any microchip. These are pure fake news and need to be ignored. You can find out more like ingredients used in a vaccine, availability and the total number of vaccinated peoples on various sites such as

  1. Is the coronavirus vaccine being studied in children?

Studies of a covid-19 vaccine in children are still undergoing. Both Pfizer and Moderna have tested for the 16-18 age group and were approved. Other vaccine manufactures are also preparing for under 18 age group trials. It is speculated that by April 2021, the world can get a vaccine approved for children of age less than 18.

  1. How many doses of covid-19 is required?

All the approved vaccines in the world required two doses for maximum protection. It is possible that you may develop a higher level of antibodies after the first dose but you should take the second to complete the procedure and receive maximum benefits. Except for Pfizer, all the approved vaccines require doses in a 28 days interval. Pfizer requires a second dose after 21 days. 

Above are the answers given by experts of the Medical Field for FAQ on CoronaVirus Vaccine by the majority of people living around the world. Australian Medical Supplies are on their toes to start serving people with quickest and reliable delivery of medicines. Amidst COVID, don’t forget your regular medicines and health checkup, buy medicine online Australia and stay healthy and safe.

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